Life has been hectic for me as a full time teacher and I so miss my crafting but I did get the chance to squeeze in some ornament gifts this year. Glass ornaments are easy and fun to create using beads, sheet music and anything else that might fit inside. I thought about using Barbie shoes from my youth but it seemed a little out there. Teachers use clear ornaments too for parent gifts and I had my second grade class create time capsule ornaments filled with personal notes they had written along with the date and their picture. If you click on the Christmas link to the right you can also check out last year's creations using buttons and screws!

Front Yard Fun

Spiders are about as creepy as I get for Halloween. Last Friday, as we drove home from school, my four year old kept begging me to decorate the yard. I always have some weird need to create something myself so I dug up a spool of yarn and just started weaving. It stretches from one tree to another and definitely looks much cooler in real life!


Yup...Its that time of year again....when I start having dreams about gigantic, colorful cheer bows.
 I just love making these but my husband has had enough of the ribbon everywhere. ha ha.. too bad!  Hook me up with my headphones, some Netflix on my computer and a glue gun in my hand and I'm in total craft heaven. This year I'll have made about 400 of them. I'm not really sure as I've lost count but my bows are everywhere I look and I get such a kick out of seeing the girls around town in them.
Here are some of the bows I created this season for the Westchase Colts.

Cheer Bow Organizer Rack

Cheer Bows have taken over my craft area and I just love it!  I've  devised a way to display them for an upcoming cheerleader registration by stringing ribbon to the top and bottom of an inexpensive clothing rack from Ikea. This might be a little large for your daughter's closet but you could potentially devise the same concept with two dowels, a hanger and some ribbon. I just like the way they all look on display! 

Wedding Fascinators and Fabric Flowers

My future sister in law asked for some creative embellishments for
her upcoming spring wedding in Virginia. She has chosen several unique colors
 and I tried to incorporate them all in the middle design but kept
 the other options a bit more neutral. She's thinking of adding one to a sash
around her waist or perhaps as a hair flourish. 
I'm sure she'll look lovely in whatever she chooses to wear.

Upcycled Valentine Frame

Here is neat way to reuse an old picture frame to create a
romantic door hanging or mantle display.
 I love using old sheet music for a vintage feel.

Gasparilla and Mardi Gras Wreath

Keep an eye out for the Christmas picks like these wild ones I found at Lowe's. This is my version of a Mardi Gras or Gasparilla wreath using feathers and sparkly accents. I simply spray painted over an old  wreath and went a little crazy with the embellishments.


I loved creating about 400 large cheer bows (4 different versions) this summer for the Westchase Colts Cheerleaders and is has been so much fun seeing their photos all season. I created the 3 inch ribbon width by zig zag stitching two 1 inch wide ribbons together to make a 3 inch strip and then sewed the other layers on top. Its not easy to find 3 inch wide ribbons in patterns and this cheetah print was their theme this year so I worked with the 1 inch. Sewing these was a lengthy process but they sure turned out sturdy and strong and the girls all loved them. One of these days I'll get around to adding a tutorial.  


These are some other bows I've designed. 

Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments

Well its been FOREVER since I last posted anything. I'm not happy about that but I've been in survival mode since returning to full time teaching in August. I've been wanting to create so many things lately and its been bumming me out big time so I figured I'd do a little crafting between the cleaning and organizing I must do over the next two weeks. I found some clear glass balls in my Christmas junk and decided to create a few different ornaments using buttons, beads, wire, vintage keys and some screws. Here are a few of my creations. I used green glitter and Mod Podge in the one above.


Vintage Metal Art

I love those ugly thin metal pieces from the 1960's and 70's that I see in thrift shops from time to time but scored this one from my neighbor at the last garage sale. She thought it was pretty tacky so I of course was drawn to it immediately. Usually the designs of metal art are quite cool but the tarnished brass like finish seems very outdated. I decide to give this one a coat of silver spray paint and liked it so much I hung it with paintings on my dining room wall. I just love the cute hummingbirds.

Biker Costumes

Ok, so this was not my most artsy, creative costume ever but if you know me personally, you know that I look nothing like this photo so it should bring you some major giggles to see me getting in touch with my manly side. Most of our costumes came from thrift shop finds and some fun tattoo arms from Ebay. Ah Halloween. why must you be only once a year?

Upcycled Jeans Tote

Here is a really popular sewing project for young girls. We cut off the jeans at the inseam and realized they were a little small since we were using kid's sizes soooo I had them add a rectangle of fabric on the bottom to create a bigger bag. Next time I would probably use a heavier fabric but the girls didn't really seem to mind and those who made a lining fixed the floppy fabric issue that way. The only challenge with sewing denim is that you need the heavy duty needles or you'll snap a few like we did originally. You have to be careful with those belt loops and heavy seams.  Men's ties would be fun as a strap too!