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Thrift Shop Ornament Wreath

Merry Christmas! I've always wanted to make one of these but never wanted to spend the money but last week I scored the biggest box of 80 new plastic ornaments at the Goodwill for only $5.00. They are all over my house, the light posts my dining room table and on this huge wreath that looks lovely against the drab grey green door of my townhouse. Some hot glue and an old wreath from my stash and whalah! 

Bathroom Motivational Mural

After lecturing my 12 year old to pick up his towel for the zillionth time, I decided to create a little motivation on the blank wall. We call it the nag wall and so far it hasn't made a big difference but at least it looks cute!

Steampunk Costumes

 I guess Max Fury Road and Willy Wonka inspired me this Halloween.  I realized my kids would love this weird Steampunk concept so in August I started hunting for parts and household stuff that I could transform. Andrew, 12 is a bit weird like I am so he loved the idea. Evan, 6 just likes to dress up and be silly so he was in too. He looked and bit more like a Charles Dickens character but he pulled it off.
All of the clothes came from thrift shops or the boys' closet and many of the gears and clock parts were sent by my dad in NJ who never disappoints in the craft crap department. 
My crazy hat is an expensive costume piece for the Mad Hatter which I found at a shop for $2.  
Bronze spray paint and random metal pieces helped to turn two Nurf Guns into proper weapons.

I know I go a bit overboard on this holiday but I kinda live for it. I think my sons get a kick out of it too, even if they can't really explain their costume to their friends.

Vintage Sheet Inspired Bedroom

I admit I have a bit of an obsession with the colors and patterns of vintage sheets from the 50's and 60's. I've had quite a collection for a while and finally decided to get crafty in my bedroom. I created a duvet cover using two sets of sheets and sewed a few pillows as well in coordinating colors. (the wicker dresser was a garage sale score I painted aqua with spray paint and the fabric art on top is covering an ugly canvas I screwed up. 
 This lamp shade was super easy to create over the existing white shade. I simply used hot glue. The lamp was once an ugly brass but with some silver spray paint it looks amazing if I do say so.
 Fabric is also fun to frame for a unique look. I have so many sheets and pillowcases to show off.

My room is so relaxing...

Vintage Metal Art

Old ugly metal pieces are everywhere in junk shops. If you can look past the dull paint or faded brass, you will see the true potential in these pieces. Silver spray paint spruced once black oriental flower piece. The hummingbird  art below was once a tarnished brass but with some paint it really cleaned up! Both were about $2.00. You can find more vintage items in Hospice Shops and charity stores where older people donate their treasures.

My Thrifty Vintage Home

1970's plastic dresser mirror rescued from the Youth Ranch thrift shop in Dunedin.  I loved the shape and the fact that it was only $11. The color was a puke yellow but with a bit of effort, it became a fabulous room expanding focal point on my dining room wall. The plastic makes it lightweight and easy to hang. These candle holders were also a fun thrift find at only $1.00 each. Made of plastic as well, their shape was perfect for some spray paint and a little aging with chalk paint for dimension.
When you thrift, look for the shape and design and get past that ugly hue.

I found this little table at a beach thrift shop for $5 and just sanded it a bit and painted the white but I wanted to keep it shabby and weathered. It is perfect by the window in my bedroom.

This table was a total score at my neighbor's driveway by the garbage. Yes I'm proud to say I took this from the curb. My dad would be so proud. All I used was some cream chalk paint from Joann's and brown wax, I turned the once ugly, obviously very loved,  pine colored and varnished set into a fabulous centerpiece for my front nook.  The hammered alluminum you see was all part of my grandmother's collection. I've added a few other pieces scored at junk shops to complete the set. I'll feature hammered alluminum in a future post because I'm a bit obsessed with it.
 My dad gave me a bunch of real antique skeleton keys and they are all over my house. The large one is my favorite. I've got them in glass jars all over the place. If you look closely you can see them in this photo. Some have been coated with Modpodge and glitter. I found this crate by the garbage at my old place and painted it red then waxed it with brown to age it. I made the flowers from sheet music and repainted the joy sign from an ugly set I found at the goodwill.
 This was an old frame I decided to change with twine and nails on the back. I used old family photos to give it that antique look. I'm the baby in that photo of my dad, his father and his father. The car on the bottom is my dad. You can see where I inherited my love for antiques.

This tray was found in a bin at the Goodwill in St. Pete one rainy day and I thought I'd died when I saw how old it was and was only $3.00. It has an older printer font on the handle and was just begging to be filled with stuff to hang on my wall. I found the metal letters in a boatyard and the numbers are from an old clock. Everything else I made from scrabble pieces, dominos and bottle caps I've been holding on to for projects just like this. I love how it turned out!

 Antiques from my family are incorporated all over my home. This 1940's red learning toy was my mom's in school. Today we have Ipads. Such a cool piece. The vintage Bingo game board was a thrift find but the old faucet handle and vintage glass bottles all came from my dad.
License plate from an old 1931 NJ car is my favorite family artifact!
Dad hooked me up with his antique keys. I'll never make fun of his antique hoarding again.

 Found this super old gothic frame at the Goodwill and painted it black. Love it.  Antique jars and glass are another favorite.

This was an ugly shelf I found at a garage sale for about $15.00. Chalk paint did the trick.
One of the coolest things to me is when you can use your actual family photos for vintage d├ęcor. These are of my grandfather and great grandparents with their oil company truck. My great grandfather looks a lot like my dad in that top photo. No wonder I'm so tall jeesh.
This framed wood was the fourth of the ugly set i found at the Goodwill. Some paint and crackly looking scrapbook paper with Modpodge created this cool wall art. I simply painted and distressed a cheap wood piece and attached them.
This is my favorite nook in the house. I didn't paint the butterflies or make the vases but I made the other art. I love teal and the look of vintage book pages.

Summer Wreath

School is out and I finally have some time to get crafting. This is a gift for my awesome room mom. Hope she likes it!

Thrift Shop Frame Redesign

Found this Pottery Barn frame at the Goodwill for $3.00 so I decided to create some art for my kitchen.  You can find vintage images like these at the Graphics Fairy. She has so many free awesome images for projects. Check it out.

Graphics Fairy Vintage Image Link

Recycled Canvas Decoupage

The previous owners of my home left me with a hideous clown fish painting. It was a nice canvas mounted on a wood frame base but I was not going to hang Nemo anywhere in my new space.  I decided to paint it and decoupage vintage sheet music. I really like the results, and it only cost me a little bit of time and Mod Podge.

I created an aged looking welcome sign from an extra shelf piece I found in the closet from the previous owners. I just added my old buttons and keys to give it that rustic look.