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Recycled Fruit and Yogurt Pouch Lids

One day at lunch in the Prek, it dawned on me that these potential plastic playthings were being tossed in the trash each day.  What a waste.  They have so many possible educational uses and the kids love collecting them! Pretty soon every kid in that lunchroom was handing them to me. My class would get excited to find a rare color like orange to add to our graph. The plastic wheel shapes are perfect for sorting,  manipulating, stacking and creating. The green twisty caps look like propellers or firefly wings. We used popsicle sticks to connect them make trees.  

The girls loved stringing them on plastic cording.

These are a super easy and fun tool to practice making patterns, working on fine motor skills and being creative! The kids loved saving the lids and counting them out each week.  They can be wheels or eyes or airplane parts. One kid made a structure using lids and straws like Tinker Toys. 
Why not recycle and make a game out of collecting them?
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When you just can't decide which Christmas pin to wear..... why not attach them all to a necklace? Its a bit heavy but definitely a conversation starter. I've collected a few from flea markets and thrift shops but my favorites came from my Grammy who received them as gifts from her second grade students in the 60's.