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Patio Chair Redo

Summer is finally here and that means two solid months of crafting happiness before back to teaching. Check out this piece of crap I found homeless and lonely. I could see it had potential. I'm still trying to figure out a way to create a better cushion but I worked with what I had and for a quick fixer upper...I'd say it turned out pretty cute! 

Buttons and Beads Bracelets

These are my latest creation using buttons, beads and found objects. Each item is hand sewn on the leather base. I found these at consumer crafts for under $2.00 each. They feature a two sized snap and even come with pre punched holes. Embroidery floss worked great to secure the pieces.  You can find the plain bracelets here at Consumer Crafts.

Swap Meet Photography

You just never know what cool stuff you'll find at the flea market. These are photos of some stuff  I've spotted while walking around the Webster Auto Swap Meet. I plan to print them out and frame as art for my kids' rooms. They don't always see the cool factor in my weird photos but I get a kick out of it. Feel free to save them and print for your own use!

Spring Burlap Wreath

Vintage Aluminumware

My grandmother had the most lovely aluminum ware collection and I was fortunate to inherit it. I love mixing the pieces into decor for my shabby home. It's not easy to find pieces in pristine shape but occasionally I score something unique at a thrift shop. 

Thrift Shop Ornament Wreath

Merry Christmas! I've always wanted to make one of these but never wanted to spend the money but last week I scored the biggest box of 80 new plastic ornaments at the Goodwill for only $5.00. They are all over my house, the light posts my dining room table and on this huge wreath that looks lovely against the drab grey green door of my townhouse. Some hot glue and an old wreath from my stash and whalah! 

Bathroom Motivational Mural

After lecturing my 12 year old to pick up his towel for the zillionth time, I decided to create a little motivation on the blank wall. We call it the nag wall and so far it hasn't made a big difference but at least it looks cute!

Vintage Sheet Inspired Bedroom

I admit I have a bit of an obsession with the colors and patterns of vintage sheets from the 50's and 60's. I've had quite a collection for a while and finally decided to get crafty in my bedroom. I created a duvet cover using two sets of sheets and sewed a few pillows as well in coordinating colors. (the wicker dresser was a garage sale score I painted aqua with spray paint and the fabric art on top is covering an ugly canvas I screwed up. 

 This lamp shade was super easy to create over the existing white shade. I simply used hot glue. The lamp was once an ugly brass but with some silver spray paint it looks amazing if I do say so.
 Fabric is also fun to frame for a unique look. I have so many sheets and pillowcases to show off.

My room is so relaxing...

I finally painted over the worn end table and kept some of the greenish brown underneath for and aged feel. The lamp shade is new too. I move things around a lot in my home.

This is my favorite little corner in my room. The table was $5.00 at a junk shop and didn't need much paint. It fits perfectly by the balcony.