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Baby Accessory Tree and Custom Shower Gifts

Girl stuff is sooooo cute.
I love my boys but they won't wear my little dresses and frills so here is my chance. Well, a friend of mine asked if I'd arrange her baby gifts in a cake and on a tree.  Yeah, another tree, but I wasn't sure what to use for the actual tree since good branches are hard to come by in Florida. I know.... I drove around looking for one the other day. Soooo with my Halloween tree as inspiration, I figured I'd construct another one from coat hangers and fabric. I was aiming for cute, not creepy so I hung little ribbons and bows.
I made a few shabby accessories and embellished the cute little socks. (the adorable shoe booties were from Stein Mart)
I also sewed up some custom onsies and a cool shoulder pack.
The onsies are in the green box as the bottom tier on the gift tower.

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