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Vintage Dictionary Helmet Makeover

Ok, I know its a LITTLE goofy.... but the 7 year old thinks its just the coolest.  He had this red and white bulls eye design bike helmet that still fits perfectly but was just starting to look really beat up and goofy frankly.  I was given some fabulously old dictionaries from the 1950's and was thinking about ways to use them so I convinced Andrew to let me go crafty on his helmet. I was cracking up as I read some of the entries... words like "shop girl" (a girl who tends the corner shop as a clerk). I even tore out a few fun words and brushed on lots of hard coat Mod Podge to seal it  all together. It is definitely interesting.....maybe a little weird.... but if the kid thinks its awesome, what fun! Well...ok... it is weird.... but  it looks pretty darn funky, especially with the skull graphics I printed out. My husband doesn't quite get the appeal of a one of a kind, quirky word helmet but hey, I should know better than to ask creative advice from a dude who lives in athletic shorts. This was part of my decoupage experiment for upcoming classes which are in the works.

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