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Cheese Touch T Shirt

Yup.. if you have a little boy, you know what this is. I have never seen my son read so much since I bought him the Wimpy Kid books for his 8th birthday and he is obsessed with it! We had fun creating this moldy cheese touch t shirt with a butcher paper stencil in honor of the first book. Little boy humor.

Here is a great tutorial that teaches you a simple butcher paper method that I like to use.
Here is my swiss cheese template you can copy if you'd like.

Simple Cheese Touch Print Tutorial

1. Cut out this shape on butcher paper and iron on the outside framing piece to the shirt.
2. Cut out random circles from remaining piece and iron those on all over the inside area.
3. Gently sponge brush paint your cheese any way you choose with acrylic paint. I used yellow then added in some moldy colors while it was still wet to create the look of the Cheese Touch.
4. Before the paint dries, remove your stencil gently with tweezers to avoid smudges. Let it dry and iron the design to set. I have found that acrylic paints work just fine. Have fun!

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