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Wired and Wonderful Lamp

I know this looks like I was drinking a bit too much coffee tonight but honestly, I was just in the creative zone. With everyone sleeping, I was in my happy place working on a necklace at my dining room table. Suddenly, I was inspired as I looked up into the plain, brushed steel (and admittedly dusty) light fixture hanging above. I dusted it and started thinking what I could do...hmmmm... I looked at the glass beads, wire and pliers on the table before me... so next thing I knew, I was twisting away and this is what I came up with. It isn't permanent so if I wake up tomorrow with a moment of clarity, I can always change it back. I used pliers, 16 gage steel wire $2 from the hardware store and neutral colored glass beads which I'd bought at... you guessed it... the Goodwill a while back.  Fun! So...I wonder if the hubby will notice anything different in there in the morning. Probably not. Now if I hung footballs from it? ... maybe.

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