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Crochet Leaf Scarf With Recycled Sweater Roses

Ok, I know what you're thinking. When did she find time over Christmas to crochet a bunch of leaves and vines from yarn? Well its called survival....when the husband dominates the remote during the holidays and its all I can do to not go Kookoo for Cocoa Puffs from all the football. As you can see, there was LOTS of football in my house since it came out about 3 feet long and wraps around twice. I hadn't even tried to crochet since I was like 12 but it all came back to me and then....I COULDN'T STOP, kinda like my problem with the box of See's Chocolates above my fridge!
Anyway, the roses are from a felted JCrew sweater that I've kept for way too long and finally decided it was time for it to serve a new purpose in life. After a hot wash and dryer, the once arctic worthy wool shrunk down to Build a Bear size and was perfect for cutting, rolling and sewing into roses. I stitched them into the leaves and there you have it. Oh and the whole project cost me $2.00 for the two rolls of yarn from the Dollar Tree. Oh and The Bucs won, Florida won and that's about all I tuned in for. hehe
This shot gives a little better detail.

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