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Ipod Pocket Patchwork Pillow

I just like the way that sounds... I had fun creating this pillow for my friend's son's bedroom. He needed something with red, black and grey that had some guitar accents. I'm a bit of an abstract kind of gal so I had fun incorporating different fabrics and shapes to create it. I gave it a pocket for his MP3 whatcha call it.
Here is a little cheapo tip if you are looking to sew some new pillows. Ikea has their basic square pillow for like $3 something which is a larger size and a whole lot cheaper (and softer) than the ones you buy from the craft store. Of course you can always cover the ones you already own if you need a fresh look. These are basic square pillows which I hand sew closed and hide the seams. You can see the pins in this photo where I will sew it shut. If you prefer to wash your covers, its better to sew it like an envelope so that it can be removed. This was a fun way to use some random, and otherwise useless scraps of fabric.

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