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So I spent yesterday with a feverish 16 month old who just did NOT want to leave mommy's lap all day and while I Luuuvvv taking care of the cute little dude, I was kinda losing it by dinner time. Well, I took a much needed walk around the block and returned to my garage where I decided to hide out for a little while. Yes hiding in the corner of my garage making junk is a glorious getaway for me... so I noticed my Land's End Box from my shipment received earlier in the week. (half of it was already returned back to Sears because Land's End thinks everyone is wide in the middle and short wasted) but anyway... I realized I could take the ENTIRE packaging contents and turn it into something else. I cut the box up into strips, taped it together into a 3D letter (E for Eassa) and went to town on it with... you got it... the book pages and Mod Podge. I built it up first with the white pages which are thin and easy to stick, then added many layers of paper. You could use wrapping paper or anything lightweight. After I made my E, I found a great tutorial here on the Art for Kids site.  http://www.artprojectsforkids.org/2008/07/3d-paper-mache-letter.html

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