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100% Recycled Puppet Theater

My neighbors have been wondering what the heck I've been up to in my garage for the past two afternoons and now .... TAH DAH! Yes, its probably time for me to put down the decoupage glue for a while and start sewing again. but next week is my Sock Puppetpalooza party for kids and I wanted to create a fun, completely green theater to give a little skit to inspire their creativity.  Those who know me well know my life long obsession with puppets that started when my sister and I had our own puppet show business as teenagers. My mother obviously enabled my weirdness but most people, including the hubby, don't quite understand.  Well, I kept it under wraps in the corporate world for years but as a teacher and mother, I've let my puppet freak flag fly high. So here is what I used to make this theater..
Two diaper boxes, a large cardboard box, four wood pieces I had sitting around, phone book, glue, a 1950's kid's picture encyclopedia, two extra eraser math boards I had, and Mod Podge. I taped it all together layered the phone book pages with a glue and water mixture to save some money then used the podge for the final topcoat. I've been sort of popular with the kids around the hood lately.  Its fun inspiring something creative in them and reliving my own childhood.
Before in the process of being taped and glued


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