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Easy Sock & Sleeve Puppets


Recycled Fleece Sleeve Puppet
I'm such a child (tee hee). This week I've been experimenting with different puppets and I want to share a tutorial I found for turning socks and old shirt sleeves into goofy critters. Sewing is not required but I did for these guys to make them a bit more durable as they will no doubt take a beating around here. All you need is a sock or shirt sleeve, cardboard, thick craft glue, felt and whatever else you feel like adding to your critter. I used yarn for hair and sewed some eyeballs from felt and polyfill. I've attached a link here to a really easy tutorial on how to make a movable mouth puppet from a sweatshirt sleeve.
He uses a margarine lid which is brilliant but the mouth stayed open a bit too much for my taste so I used plain thin cardboard from the back of a scrapbook paper pad and it works great. I'll be creating all sorts of things this week so stay tuned for more weirdness. (giggle)

Recycled Sweater Sleeve Puppet

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