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Personalized Family Cartoon Knock Off

My version to print and make into a gift.
Original at Uncommon Goods $125

My mom got me hooked on the company Uncommon Goods. They sell the coolest recycled repurposed stuff but man is it expensivo... and you know I just don't do expensive. Especially if I can make it for very little. Well, I'm on a mission to recreate some of these personalized family cartoon pillows they sell for $125. Why not make one? I scribbled up some families, scanned them in and will print them onto fabric to make a pillow. The cartoons are very basic so the simpler the better. Here are my sketches. I be back soon with my creations from them.

 My family. He he...Oh and if you'd like your own, I offer them on Etsy.

A little humor and details in this one.

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