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Rescued and Restyled 70's Wood Trays

Two serving bowls I rescued. Both looked like the one on the left before. The pear has a first coat of gold tone here.
 I don't know what it was about the 1970's but wood was everywhere...gack.... Dark ugly stained wood.   Now I'm all over the owls and mushrooms and cute weird yellow flower thingies from that era when featured in kitchy decor, but the amount of wood thrift junk I see out there is staggering. Now don't get me wrong, I have a soft spot for wood decor since my dad was an industrial arts teacher when I was little and to this day creates wonderful toys and furniture. I grew up surrounded by it so I can appreciate its fundamental beauty.  Thing is, every time I go thrifting,  I see some really blah wood pieces and wonder if they can be rescued and snazzed up a bit. One day I saw this cool pear shaped bowl which was in a bad way but I saw the potential. A little sanding, acrylic paint, a thick layer of matte Mod Podge and several of my vintage buttons and the result is kind of a neat old funky feel. I decided to paint the leaf one and coat it with a shiny Mod Podge. Cool huh?

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