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Shabby Hanger Trash Transformation

Before. Trash Score!

Yippie it is Garbage Day! If you live in Florida, have a cat and and a baby in diapers like I do... you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  Nothing like a Rubbermaid oven filled with a week's worth of yuck.  The best part of Garbage Day is actually Garbage Day Eve. You know, the night before Trashmas when my neighbors like to get rid of whatever is cluttering up their modest sized homes.  These dudes in pick up trucks drive around with a stash of stuff they find at the curb, kinda like Santa in reverse. Only they find old exercise equipment and lawn chairs to bring home and do who knows what with. Even I have trash standards but oh well.  So last night, I spotted this big bin of homeless plastic coat hangers. Not that I need any around here but my friend Christine had just asked me for ideas for a  Girl Scout recycled craft project. I scurried out of my minivan like a giddy goof and quickly stuffed them into the passenger seat looking to see if anyone spotted me. I became determined to find a use for them! Since I collect vintage sheets from thrift shops with the plan to use them for sewing, I thought I'd try twisting the strips of sheet around the hangers.  I liked how it looked, even with the edges a bit frayed for character. I added a bit of Tacky glue to keep the ends in place and a few vintage buttons. I imagine an entire little girl's closet filled with different shabby fabric hangers.  Wouldn't that be adorable?

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