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Valentine Critters

Valentine's Day to me is ALL about the chocolate. The five ailes of red and pink plastic junk at Walmart scare me a little. I just don't know what you do with the five foot tall red heartsy bear that says "I WUV U" on its shirt...Well Andrew has his "Secret Sweetie" week in the second grade and we pondered as to what to give his "sweetie" Nicholas.  Of course I thought it would be more fun to make something so this little monster seemed appropriate.
Eye Think U  R Cool!
He's weighed down with a bean bag inside to help him stay put.  Best part is he isn't red and pink and girlie. We made a card that read, "Eye Think U R Cool".

Oh and this little pencil topper below was from today's "special pencil" assignment. Nicholas likes dogs so I thought a little finger puppet action would be cute.

Pencil Topper Finger Puppet

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