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Tutu Happiness

When my two year old neighbor invited us to her birthday extravaganza, I jumped at the chance to create something frilly and pink. Lets face it. I'm a little stuck in a neutral colored, car filled, toilet seat lifted, boy world. I needed a pink tulle fix. I'd wear one myself if people wouldn't call me crazy tutu lady at the grocery store.

The little girl's mom is against teaching her daughter to be a princess who sits on her manicured nails waiting for her gallant prince to come along. Totally agree, BUT every little girl needs fun frilly dress up clothes once in a while right? She can still earn her PHD one day.

 Anyway, many people tie the tulle on the ribbon but this tutu was created by gathering and sewing the tulle inside the ribbon. It makes it extra floofy. My favorite part is the vintage sheet fabric flower. The hanger was painted and decoupaged to match to create a cute gift.  Oh and below are the matching hair bow and hair band. Ok, now I'm off to clean the toilets..... boys.

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