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Recycled Computer Keyboard Keychain

Hi there...Today I'm adding a tutorial for a fun recycled craft that uses the inside plastic part of an old keyboard. My 8 year old, Mr. Techno, thinks this is the coolest thing ever and we plan to create several to give as favors at his next birthday party which will be a recycled robot theme. Cool right?

1. Ok, first step is fun, especially for your kids. Take apart an old keyboard and go balistic on it, ripping it to shreds. Seriously, pull it all apart and keep the pieces in a container for various projects. I keep finding new things to make.

2. Trace a domino or other wood shape you have and cut out two or three pieces of the plastic. You will overlap them to create a neato design.

3. Next, take the domino and either paint it (I used gun metal nail polish) or leave it black and coat with Mod Podge..

4. Once it has dried, layer the plastic pieces with tiny bit of clear gel glue and make sure it is totally stuck around the edges.
5. Top with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic or other glaze and let dry . I turned the domino on each side and put a thin layer of the glaze on that side, then let it dry for a couple of hours.

6. Attach a pop top or other metal loop to the back of the domino with apoxy, then add your keychain. Its super easy... a little out there...but totally unique. Have Fun!

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