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Recycled Magazine Page Flowers

This is still drying but you get the idea.
The other night I had fun with a local Daisy troup. Five and six year old girls are so much fun. To help them earn their "Using Resources Wisely" badge, I taught them to use a magazine page and a cereal box to create cute flowers that they could make into pins or hair accessories.
1. Cut flowers in three sizes from thin cardboard.
You can also cut individual petals but that takes much longer, which I learned the hard way..

Select a magazine page with some cool colors you'd like to mix.

Mod Podge each flower and add small ripped pieces of the page to cover both sides.

Attach each layer with hot glue and then to the headband. Glue a felt circle to cover it and finish it!

The girls loved their creations and hopefully waited until they were dry to show them off.

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