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Repurposed Fabric Flower Headbands

Repurposing fabrics is so rewarding when you can actually create something beautiful from that messed up skirt or dress you've been contemplating throwing away.  1960's sheets are also a favorite crafting item for me as they are plentiful in the thrift shops and are just so pretty with their patterns and bright prints. I love creating hairbands with them by creating simple fabric flowers like these. They are hand sewn and attached to the headband, then finished with pretty felt backing.  I recently sold several of these at a local family fun  fundraiser thingy and it was cool to see the girls walking around wearing my recycled creations. Young ladies attending my Embellish camp this summer can plan to create many pretty hair accessories like these.

Girls at the Westchase Charitable Foundation Fun Fest wearing their purchases!

Our cute niece in hers.

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