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Baby Gifts From Restyled Men's Ties

(left) Baby and Big Brother applique from recycled & bleached t shirt and tie materials and
(right) baby boy onesie made with the narrow part of the men's tie.
Men's ties are so perfect for crafts. I used a checkered vintage tie to create these two different baby gifts. I'm going to be adding several ideas for recycled ties soon since I have acquired (hoarded) about 300 of them (not kidding) and love mixing the patterns and colors. I started by washing all of them inside of those mesh laundry bags so that they didn't get all wrapped around the machine. Once cleaned and, in some cases ironed, the fabric is ready to work with. We'll be using a bunch of these this summer at Embellish Camp for girls!

Check out this great link with a bunch of neato necktie crafts!  SEWING WITH NECKTIES

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