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Recycled Styrofoam Stamp Prints

Recycled Crafts Camp is the last week of June and I can't wait to teach the kiddos some fun creative recycling projects like this one. You can make stamps from so many things, including those silly styrofoam meat trays. Kids can create sets of matching cards, wrapping paper, you name it. I've made a simple stamp by writing with a pen into the foam and then added paint with a sponge brush and pressed the image to paper. I finished it with a little pen flourish for fun. I did this in about five minutes but the with a little time and effort, very cool colorful, creative prints could be achieved. This site Crafterella offers a nice little tutorial here......   http://www.crafterella.com/2009/04/how-to-make-styrofoam-stamps.html
Here is what my stamp looks like and the original print to the right.

Styrofoam makes a great printmaking tool!

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