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Upcycled Cookie Sheet Corkboard

I found the HUGE cookie sheet at the Goodwill for $3.00 and knew I had to have it. This picture doesn't do it justice but its one like the lunch lady might use in that big school oven.  I originally indented to use it for crafting, then as a magnet board, then actually as a cookie sheet (until I realized it wouldn't fit in my oven) then to a funky jewelry display. A few push pins and its ready to hang necklaces or earrings. I've kept it flat to display pendants and other items. I started by spraying the sheet with a silver paint to spruce it up then hot glued the cork coasters I once found for twenty five cents a piece at the dollar store clearance. I knew I'd use them for something one day. While it can be borderline hoarding to scan the clearance aisles of the dollar store for craft items, you can score some great items from time to time that that just need a little time and imagination.

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