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Vintage Vera Inspired Domino Pendants

Original Designs Based On My Paintings
One of my FAVORITE artists of all time is one you may not have heard about... Vera Neumann. Not to be confused with Vera Bradley who you find everywhere, this one was famous in the 60's. A few obsessed collectors like myself are out there hunting for her in thrift shops and grandma's closet. We get excited when we look over the racks of drab and spot one of her vibrant mod floral designs. In fact, many of the fabrics popular today are really new renditions of her style.  The new Vera Company is actually reproducing her designs again too... but I still like the hunt for the originals. I have several sheets in my collection that inspire me to create my own paintings which I then love to turn into other artistic creations such as these interesting pendants. 

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