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We're having such fun this week using recycled and repurposed materias at Recycled Crafts Camp. Today the kids designed picture frames using markers, glitter, bottle caps, keys, buttons and anything they thought looked cool. The finished project will feature their decoupage artwork with recycled Styrofoam stamp paintings made earlier in the week. The highlight of the day was the dissection of old cassette tapes where the kids decided to create a cassette tape spider web in the next room. Tomorrow we're going to come up with other ways to use the tape and will be making men's necktie snakes. I have a new assistant who is just wonderful with the kids and such a help. She is a senior in highschool looking for volunteer work and I am ever so happy to have her. My other two helpers are in Middle School and great with the younger kids!

Some of the kids took apart keyboards and had a blast


This is my first week of Recycled Crafts Camp and I'd love to run another one or two weeks in early August so if you are interested, please either Email me at lauraeassa@gmail.com or follow along on Facebook so I can keep you posted!

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