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Recycled Men's Tie Snakes

This is such a fun project for kids. Honestly I think I like these even more than sock puppets.  Its like Build a Bear, only with your grandpa's old ties. I have soooo many men's ties. Some were given to me by my dad, a few were my grandfather's, but the majority I found in huge bags at my favorite thrift shop. I think they were $6 for about 100. I just love their funky, nerdy and sometimes beautiful weirdness. I think of all the hours of work, church and formal event these ties must have seen.

To make them into snakes, I machine sewed the sides of two similar width ties and let the kids stuff their selection with fiber fill then select features and accessories. I hot glued the parts together for most but the older girls sewed the red felt mouths in. Once they were done, the campers wore them around their necks proudly. This project was quite the hit! I highly recommend this for anyone looking for something totally crazy and funny for a birthday party.
Evan decided that this pile of ties was just too tempting to avoid.

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