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Recycled Record Album Bowl Art

I'm having so much fun destroying things to be recreated at my Recycled Crafts Camp. I had to try something with all the vinyl records hiding lifelessly in the corner of the Goodwill and new this week was my chance. The best part of the bowl creation process was putting the 8 year old on "Flop Watch" by the oven. He sat and stared at each one as it started to warp after a few minutes. Oh the thrill! You bake the record for about 4 minutes at 250 degrees. I balanced them on a metal bowl on an old cookie sheet then when they warped, I placed a heavy glass bowl over the record to crumple it up. I tried to use a heat gun but the oven is the only way to go for large records.

Today one of the projects was to decorate the bowls with glitter, sparkles, papers and Mod Podge.   I'm not sure they understood the total coolness factor of a bowl made from a Neil Diamond LP... but they had fun making something unique and weird and thats what art is all about!

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