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EMBELLISH Accessory Camp I June 2011

I'm so bummed my computer crashed (like literally... to the floor) from the almost two year old tornado and with it all the photos of our projects from my first Embellish camp. I'll recover them eventually but I thought I'd share some descriptions of what we worked on since they were the favorites of the week. I give the girls an idea and instruction but really let them use the materials that they choose and create their own renditions. They love being the designers and everyone has a different vision for their creation which makes it fun.

The girls took basic fabric placemats and chose from hundreds of decorative fabric samples to create flower and heart appliques which they embroidered on.  I helped each one use the sewing machine to create a cute purse and attach their handles which were basic wood handles they had creatively decoupaged with dictionary pages for a really cool look. The bags turned out oh so cute.

DOMINO PENDANTS featuring their own artwork
The girls painted a few creations which I took photos of and altered in the computer. By changing the colors and different aspects I created some funky new variations of their art in just the right size to fit a domino. The girls used their art to create one of a kind pendants and key chains.

This is always a favorite as the girls used fabrics, feathers and buttons to create some cute hairbands. There are many cool techniques for creating fabric flowers.

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