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Silk Flower Upcycle

Here is a really easy and fun way to create a new accessory. I found this pretty faux Gerber Daisy at Michael's for 19 cents. Yes, I couldn't pass up a bunch of these for camp next week.  I didn't really like the fuzzy yellow plastic center in the middle or the mega long weird stems so I happily deconstructed it. Here is a short tutorial I created to share. Ignore the thread in the photo below. I realized that hot glue is the best method for this project and its just easier but you could sew your parts back together.

Don't be scared to take apart your flower. The parts just pull apart and you fit them back together like a puzzle.  Fringe your circles, create many fabric pieces and mix in tulle or lace.
Anyway you reconstruct it, it will look cute!
Create headbands clips or pins with your new creations!

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