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Paper Airplane Stencils

If you've ever met my son Andrew, you know how he gets overly involved in whatever interests him at the time. When he was little, Thomas the Tank Engine ruled his world. At four, Knex were his obsession. At five, Lego's filled the brain. Actually they still do but he also loves other building and creating hobbies... like folding paper airplanes. This summer, he reached a new high on his obsessive airplane quest. I'm not talking about just a few here. We're talking probably fifty or sixty planes, all in a large bag he refuses to part with. He loved to run over and share every little detail of his creation to me and I tried so hard to seem interested after plane number 10. I signed him up for some classes at Great Art and Frame  where he's learned to make even MORE. Well in honor of his latest hobby, I've created a cute t shirt for him with freezer paper and an exacto knife. Yes, I know I'm feeding his obsessive issues but honestly its a much safer and cleaner hobby than his earlier science experiments involving food coloring, baking soda and frozen Lego people.  Wonder where he gets that obsessive quality from though? hmmmmm

You can download this plane graphic like I did  and print it right on a piece of freezer paper then cut and iron on. I simplified the swish a bit in my version.

Here is another print I made for a pillow in his room.

Scrapbook paper and prints of paper airplane blueprints you can find here...

Scrapbook paper and a color printout of an airmail stamp you can find here: http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/2010/09/vintage-airmail-images-airplane.html

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