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Recycled Fabric Sample Banner

I have so many plans for the rescued fabric samples I've acquired from the kind people at Trendline Draperies in Oldsmar and a very kind lady on Freecycle. I've already used several of them for fabric flowers at camps this summer and will be cutting up many more for our upcoming Sept. 2nd Tween Crafts Night where the girls will get to patch and embroider their jeans. Here is a super easy and quick idea using the pieces from a fabric book to create a festive banner.  I simply cut the pages with pinking sheers to stop fraying and then hot glued the paper side down to the string. These fabrics would otherwise be trash so I'm so glad to have a access to them for my projects.   I'm always looking for items to create into something interesting and look forward to sharing my creations soon.
Just a few of the many outdated fabric samples provided by Trendline Draperies. Oh the possibilities...

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