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Domino Sharpie Pendants

I love experimenting with art stuff! Especially when I can utilize the items I have around the house...and you can imagine right now I have quite a bit around the house.  Lets just say I purposefully avoided the neighborhood garage sales Saturday to avoid temptation.
Well, this week at Funky Jewelry Design class after school at Westchase Elementary, I taught the girls to create easy pendants. We used Sharpie markers to create the designs then added the bails and acrylic varnish to seal them. This weekend I decided to take the process a little further and was tickled with the results. The trick? Rubbing alcohol. 90% works best. You just use a cotton swab to add to the design and watch it work its magic. When I was happy with the blend, I went back and added some details with a fine tip marker or a rubber stamp and acrylic paint.  I also tried a little metallic alcohol ink on a few to add some pizazz. I can't wait to turn many of these into pendants!
This link will take you to an awesome tutorial page that give you all the info you need to create your own pendants.  http://www.theenchantedgallery.com/dominoes.html

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