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Fabric Pumpkins

The girls at my basic hand sewing class at Westchase Elementary created these cute fabric pumpkins yesterday and we'll be finishing them up with buttons and other doo dads this Thursday. The girls started by hand stitching the leaves (I taught them the chain stitch for embroidery) and attached them to pipe cleaners.   Each girl filled a baggie with dried beans and a tree branch clipping for the stem, then rubber banded it together as the base. We then surrounded the bag of beans with polyfill and a square of orange fabric (cut up orange sheet from Walmart) which we cinched together around the stem with big stitches.
With twelve girls, one hour and one me, we often find ourselves rushed to finish and I altough I try to teach that good crafts can take time and don't need a glue gun, 8-10 year old girls expect a little faster gratification so I decided to finish them at home and let the girls move on to a new project. They came out pretty cute, right?

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