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Feather Hair and Lapel Fashions

I have an infatuation with feathers that dates back to the fifth grade in rural New Jersey. Back when I actually designed my own feather wrap for a cowboy hat which I  proudly wore to truck around the four acre property in my converted  lawn mower and pink veggie transport vehicle. Yes I was that nerdy. I won't get into all the details of where those feathers actually came from but lets just say it involved my dad, a pheasant and a pellet gun
I think my dad had this manly image of  providing a gourmet poultry dinner for his family but when my mom found the pathetic bb loaded, plucked carcass waiting for her in the sink... lets say my dad never did THAT again.  We still laugh about that day...Ah.. memories. Oh and thanks dad for teaching my son about how farmers feed bubble gum to the ground hogs to blow up the little gopher stomachs..... always educational to visit grandpa...oh yes...
Oh so back to feathers.... I have been creating a number of lovely items featuring colorful plumage and vintage jewelry, buttons, fabric and various pretty finds. I've got many in the works but thought I'd share just a few that adorn my dining room table at the moment. Wouldn't they be great for a holiday party?

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