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Hairband Towers

With all the hairbands I've been selling, I get lots of requests for storage so here is another idea I have to share. I  took this from another blogging crafter and I found it brilliant for displaying and storing headbands.  I'll attach the actual tutorial soon when I can find it. 
So... if you are nerdy enough to try what I did... go to the Lowe's plumbing aisle (with or without the cute two year old screaming..."potty... poopy... pee pee mommy!")
I purchased a tube of steel gauge pipe for about $4 (the kind that people stick up from a wood stove or dryer vent) and taped it together with duck tape  Careful, seriously....because the edge is a little sharp. Mine has a closed top now so things wouldn't drop down and I achieved this with a foam disk from the dollar store (3 for $1) and some metal cutters which allowed me to create little flaps that folded over the foam. Then more duck tape and lots of decoupage paper. I've seen them with fabric and pretty papers which you could easily do but you know me and the old book pages. This thing is huge and it holds a ton of bands. I've made a bunch before from the Finish dishwasher soap canisters from BJ's Wholesale because they are so large but this tube really does the trick when it comes to holding the mother load.

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