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Upcycled T Shirt Appliques

I know, I know...bleach is not environmentally great, but with my 2, 9 and 43 year old boys in this house, and a confused and smelly old cat I affectionately call "Stink Butt:, I do confess to using it once in a while. And when I do... I sometimes spritz it on my clothes like a moron and curse myself for not thinking to change into something I'd had previously ruined doing the same thing. I hate when that happens! Once I've emotionally let go of the splattered garment, I make peace with myself by turning it into something new like I did here with this little mouse shirt for my two year old. These toddler shirts from Walmart are $3 and good quality for the price really! I have created a number of different critters and monsters peeking from the pockets and I just don' t get tired of them, and neither does he.
Here I transformed a previously killed grey t shirt of mine and created a soft applique which I sewed with a simple zig zag stitch.

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