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Clearance T Shirt Ruffle Redesign

My Creation!
You never know what you'll find on a clearance rack. When I first caught a glimpse of these simple stretchy 97 cent t shirts sitting quietly on the bottom rack at Joann's , I was bummed to see the word Maternity on the tag, but upon further inspection, I realized there was NO way they would fit a truly pregnant person...well at least not ME as a pregnant person.

Who would know they were maternity really?
Check it out..it was a regular  stretchy T. There is no belly or wider waste to speak of. I figured I could always use the fabric for something else if my plans blew up. 
Here is a quick look at how I created my new top.

By gathering the strips as I sewed them to the shirt, I could create as much or as little ruffle as I liked. There are many possibilities if you use your creativity!

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