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Tampa Sewing Camps 2012


Well, I've been a bit busy this summer with my two sewing camps and other projects so I've been missing in action around here lately. I figured I'd add a few photos of what we've been up to.. The past two weeks have been lots of fun with two vivacious groups of tween age girls. This summer, I focused primarily on using a sewing machine since so many of the girls I work with are ready to take their sewing to the next level. I was eager to show them how not scary the machine really is. Even my 9 year old son got in on the action and made a patchwork pocket pillow  after hours when he realized just how cool the inner workings of a sewing machine look. I'm sure he'll try to take mine apart and rebuild it one day but at least he knows how to use one if he has an emergency fort  repair  or his Lego house needs curtains.

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