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Vintage Upcycles

I have just a little obsession with old, cool things.
I've always been thrifty and crafty, but since moving to Florida 15 years ago, I'd say I've definitely kicked it up a notch. There are just so many great place to find cheap treasures here.

A few years ago I went through a divorce and left many of my creations behind but I always knew I could always make more stuff.  When I moved into my new home a few years ago, I had very little decor. Rather than buy all new things and spend money I didn't have, I started getting creative with some of the crappy things I'd find. Here are just a few of the fun projects I've created.  

Here is my favorite little corner with some of my collections that make me happy. 
I know many people don't understand my infatuation with old stuff but many of my finds are really quite sentimental to me. They often represent a part of my past. 
My kids say they don't get it but hey... I don't get Fort Night or Mine Craft either.

The hammered aluminum you see was all part of my grandmother's collection. I've added a few other pieces scored at junk shops to complete the set. I'll feature hammered aluminum in a future post. 
 Antiques from my family are incorporated all over my home. This 1940's red learning toy was my mom's in school.  The vintage Bingo game board was a thrift find but the old faucet handle and vintage glass bottles all came from my dad's stash. Trust me he still has a stash.

One of the coolest things to me is when you can use your actual family photos These are of my grandfather and great grandparents with their oil company truck in New Brunswick, NJ.
My great grandfather looks a lot like my dad in that top photo.

I love using old clipboards, sheet music and books  to create art. 

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