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Steampunk Costumes

 I guess Max Fury Road and Willy Wonka inspired me this Halloween.  I realized my kids would love this weird Steampunk concept so in August I started hunting for parts and household stuff that I could transform. Andrew, 12 is a bit weird like I am so he loved the idea. Evan, 6 just likes to dress up and be silly so he was in too. He looked and bit more like a Charles Dickens character but he pulled it off.

All of the clothes came from thrift shops or the boys' closet and many of the gears and clock parts were sent by my dad in NJ who never disappoints in the craft crap department. 
My crazy hat is an expensive costume piece for the Mad Hatter which I found at a shop for $2.  
Bronze spray paint and random metal pieces helped to turn two Nurf Guns into proper weapons.

I know I go a bit overboard on this holiday but I kinda live for it. I think my sons get a kick out of it too, even if they can't really explain their costume to their friends.

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