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Fabric Scrap Wreath

This is the easiest wreath in the world to make. Well, yeah it does require some patience.. and cutting... but the end result is worth it. It cost me nothing since I had the materials in my garage. I used a wire base from a thrift store find I've been stashing and just started cutting up rectangular pieces of fabric. I have my fabric scraps sorted by colors in boxes in the garage to make projects like this easier. It took about two hours of cutting and tying scraps on the wire frame while I watched American Horror Story Coven. I whipped up a couple of cute pillows and added the rats by attaching  Dollar Store sticky hooks (6 for $1.00). I had to stab the little plastic rodents to make holes in their bellies to stay on the hooks. tee hee. I love the result. My house looks infested! 

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